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We are Arizona’s premier arcade for Virtual Reality gaming.  We take the classic arcade to a whole new level with cutting-edge VR technology and a huge variety of single player and multiplayer games.  You can also host your next party with us – kids or adults.  How about the team at the office?  They could use a little escape time, or some new team building games.  Either way, we’ll help you find the perfect games to make your day.

Where else can you face the zombie apocalypse, challenge your friends to a dodgeball tournament, defend an elven village from dragons, build your own universe, get in a snowball fight, and then take a stroll through a tropical rainforest… all in one night?   Give Chandler’s premier virtual reality arcade a try today.

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                                                                         A new offer every weekday!                                                                          Monday through Thursday

Game of the Month

Loco Dojo!

Step up to Grand Sensei’s ‘Table of Trials’ to pit your silliest skills against up to three friends or strangers in this hilariously competitive multiplayer party game.

Not into gaming?

Try one of our experiences?

Not into Gaming? Try an experience.

Instead of playing any of our 70+ games, you can survive a haunted house, ride a roller coaster, swim with sharks, explore a tropical rainforest, or visit anywhere in the world. You can even climb aboard a dragon and lay waste to the countryside! Immerse yourself for only $10!

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Share the space with others and try out different games. The space is yours, have fun!

5 min $5

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30 min $25

60 min $45

90 min $60

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The space is yours, have fun!


Mon – Sat:  10 am to 9 pm
Sun:   11 am to 6 pm


Chandler Fashion Center

3111 W. Chandler Blvd. #2094, Chandler, AZ 85226