The Recipe to Brewing A Brand New Gaming Experience:

The Recipe to Brewing A Brand New Gaming Experience:

— What it is that makes Virtual Reality Tick —


By Jeff Hakala


What is it that makes the new HTC Vive Headset such big news? What’s so cool about the Oculus? Is it just a passing fad, or is this a new idea of gaming that’s here to stay?

Well, there’s a whole myriad of different opinions about the new technology that has will start hitting public stores very soon. And although most of the VR stuff that you see players using all over the internet is still in the beta phase, no one can deny that it’s got some things that other systems, quite frankly, do not. Below, I’ve compiled a short list of just a few things that set Virtual Reality, and more specifically, the Oculus, and the HTC Vive far apart from all other competition, in a bracket that’s all their own:

Three Hundred and Sixty Degree Range of View

Quite frankly, this aspect of VR alone blows all other gaming systems on the market straight out of the water.

Two words: Infrared Tracking

Where’s the fun in watching the movie, when you can be the movie?

With the new and improved tracking system that you’ve got going here, you’re in for a whole new type of experience. This changes everything. Now you aren’t just watching with the movie in front of your face, you are the movie. With the HTC Vive, for example, that’s exactly what you get.

Those who own an Xbox Kinect know what I’m talking about — the immediate responsiveness, the ability to block oncoming enemies, dodge speeding bullets. And sure, with the Kinect, that’s not too bad. But try doing it with a 3D headset on your head, and now you’re starting to get the idea of why the Vive is already sold out all over the country.


An Unparalleled 3D Gaming Experience

The gaming headset is the key to the whole operation of VR, and I can’t stress enough the experience you get when you first slap one of these bad boys on.

Not only are you seeing the world from another person’s point of view, you are now, for lack of a better term, inhabiting their bodies exactly where they would’ve been standing had the virtual simulation that you are experiencing been real. And creepy as it sounds, it’s actually pretty cool — you get to see what they see, say what they say, and do what they do.

Whereas before you are watching someone walking down a dark path through the trees, now you are the one fjording around river rocks, and ducking around branches. You can practically feel that bear’s breath on your face as it sniffs you, deciding whether or not you’re worth the trouble. Now, with three dimensional capabilities, it’s definitely worth the hype, and one of those things that is indescribable until it is experienced by the person themselves.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Real World Application

Picture a business that is run on several different continents by joint owners that are separated in their goals only by the thousands of miles that keep them apart. Each one of them needs a way to communicate with all the others in a way that is both frugal, effective, and practical. One lives in Marseilles, while another has habitation in Detroit, and a third hails from Tokyo. There are several others from differing continents as well that I haven’t taken the time to list, effectively making this group just a few among many, who could otherwise never engage in a real life, face-to-face business meeting, due to shortage of time and money. And as the company expands, it’s quickly becoming a larger and more complex issue, that needs to quickly be resolved.

Thanks to the miracle of VR, it can. In the very near future, all are able to successfully engage in a conversation that will better help their businesses grow, and make connections that they otherwise never could. What’s the best part? They are all able to do it from the comfort of their own couch!

While they are there everyone gets shown different virtual locations of real life places, as a means for realizing unforeseen solutions to complex and enigmatic problems. And now for the crazy part? All of this is done from the comfort of each separate individual’s home, through the miracle of VR.

Besides what this will mean for business, think of what this can do for the sick and contagious, and those who couldn’t otherwise participate in a public schooling atmosphere. Think also of what this will mean for the protection of our country. With virtual reality, the limits are only with our imagination. After all, a Physics lesson sure is going to be a lot more interesting if you get to drive a Ferrari and go paragliding versus copying science notes!

The Bottom Line

VR is giving us a whole new experience, the Vive and the Oculus being one of the first tickets to get there. It is in as many ways a gateway of untold exploration as it is an almost entirely untapped vault of incredible knowledge, communication, and gaming. You can be sure expect big things from VR in the very near future.