Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer

by Jeff Hakala

4 Starts – “Over the top!”



  • Engaging, Fast Paced, and Fun.
  • A sure crowd pleaser.
  • Graphics and sound effects are not lacking. (Although the game soundtrack does get a little repetitive after a few hours of gameplay. You will find yourself humming along to the tune, “I am the Robot,” and perhaps doing a couple weird humanoid dance moves.)
  • Fun to play whether you are a hard core gamer, or completely new to the whole idea of VR.



There are very few hitch ups in this game, however, I have done my best to compile some of the flaws that would be valuable to the potential pirateer:


  • Movement is minimal. Like many recently released games for the HTC, you can’t move much past the allotted square of movement.
  • One of the more dizzying and upsetting games for the human cornea as far as bright flashes and explosion go. But this goes along with most of these games — to a certain extent, gaming of this caliber is sure to damage some of the human senses; but then, none of this type of VR is for the faint of heart.
  • There are also a few potential bugs to this game — when playing, there have been times when the controllers don’t appear as guns; instead they appear as the controllers themselves. A minor issue, however, as a quick reboot of the Vive headset is sure to debug this little qualm without too much trouble.


Level of Involvement: High


Is it Any Good?


Space Pirate Trainer, as far as we are concerned, embodies exactly what VR is supposed to be. And it is with this affirmation that our VR Junkie Team proudly allocates our stamp of approval to the developers of this game, happily soliciting our congratulations and praise. It will be sure to take fans for a simulation they won’t fast forget. Space Pirates is, in many ways, one of the first successful games that we have observed being solicited on the Steam Store, because while still keeping the classic simulation of first person shooter as a base for the game’s layout, it is also in many ways entirely new. Our VR Team puts it out there as one of the most universally competitive and engaging games currently available on the HTC Vive. A sure hit, it’s able to connect with kids and adults alike. By all accounts, an excellent game of choice.